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Viet Nam Defence Expo 2024 is an international exhibition and conference on defence field in Vietnam, hosted by the Ministry of National Defence with the aim of supporting Defence units and armed forces to deploy the assurance of weapons and technical equipment to protect country as well as widen opportunities for manufactories, OEM assembly and supplier in the world to introduce equipment, weapons, high-end technologies right in Viet Nam. Viet Nam Defence Expo 2024 will showcase and display fighting vehicles, high-end equipment and systems technologies served for Air forces, Navy, grand forces, communication, biochemistry such as Fighter aircraft system, helicopter, missile systems, submarine, warships, torpedoes, weapons systems, military vehicles, radar systems, reconnaissance robots, logistics facilities, etc and all the fields related to leaders, senior officials and soldiers belonging to defense, security, police and armed forces. It expected that the exhibition will be the place for the best suppliers in terms of equipment and services in the world in order to meet, exchange and evaluate products, technologies and giving new Defense and security solutions for Vietnam and regional ries as well.


Exhibition: Viet Nam International Defence Exhibition (Vietnam Defence Expo 2024)

Date: 19 ~ 22 December, 2024

Venue: Gia Lam Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hosted by: Ministry of National Defence of Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

  • Over 200 Exhibitors

  • 25,000 sqm 

  • 40 Countries


Viet Nam Defence Expo 2024 is the only event for defence manufacture, distributors and agencies show up their abilities as well as solutions in order to meet requirements Vietnam People’s Army. Viet Nam Defence Expo 2024 will showcase the most modern equipment and technologies including:

  • Airborne Platform Systems & Equipment: Fighter Aircraft/ Helicopters/ Training Aircraft/ RPVs, Drone Systems/ Air-to-air missiles/ Others

  • Air Defence Systems & Equipment: Surface-to-air missiles/ Man-portable surface-to-air missile system/ Land-to-surface missiles/ Others

  • Naval Systems & Equipment: Submarine/ Battleship/ Supporting ships/ Reconnaissance equipment, sub-surface surveillance, sonar/ Naval air defence guns & missiles/ Torpedo/ Naval mines/ Sea-to-surface missiles/ Others

  • Ground Forces Systems & Equipment: Weapons/ Ammunitions/ Surveillance equipment/ Day and night weapon systems/ Ground cannon/ Self-propelled artillery/ Multiple launch rocket system (MLRS)/ Artillery/ Land-to-land missiles/ Anti-tank missiles/ Tanks/ Armoured vehicles/ Armoured personal vehicles/ Military transporters/ Armored engineering vehicles/ Others

  • Public Security Equipment & Systems: Biometrics/ Border Security & Control/ Civil Defense Systems & Equipment/ Customs & Immigration/ Counter Terrorism & Internal State Security System/ Disaster Rescue & Releif System, Equipment & Services/ Law Enforcement/ Non-Lethal Weapons/ Optics & Optronics/ Protectice Gears & Equipment/ Safety, Survival & Rescue System/ Cybercrime Prevention System/ Others

  • Communications equipment/ Equipment: for chemical weapons prevention/ Weapons, equipment for special forces/ Surveillance radar and fire control/ Electronic warfare devices/ Reconnaissance and combat robots in the air, ground, water and underwater/ C5I systems/ Cyber warfare systems/ Apparels, soldier protection/ Training and simulation systems/ Others


The Government of Viet Nam

  • Leaders of Viet Nam's Government

  • Leaders of Ministries and provincial authorities

Ministry of National Defence

  • Leaders of Ministry of National Defence and the General Staff

  • Leaders and officials of the General Departments and Departments

  • Commanders, leaders, officers and personnels Services (Navy, Air Defence-Air Force), Military Regions, Border Guard, Coast Guard Commander, Military Corps, Arms (Artillery, Engineering, Commando, Tank and Armour, Signal, Chemical), military academies and schools (National Defence Academy, Army Academy, Logistics Academy, Military Technology Academy, Army Officer Training Colleges…), research institutes (Military Science and Technology Institute…), defence corporations (Military Industry - Telecommunications Group (Viettel), Saigon Newport Corporation, GAET Corporation, VAXUCO Corporation, Thai Son Corporation, Tecapro Corporation, ELINCO, HITACO...)

  • Representatives of procurement units and defence manufacturers under the General Department of Defence Industry and Services

  • Other agencies and units

International Delegations:

  • Leaders of defense ministries, Chief of defense forces, Commanders of Services from foreign countries.

  • Ambassadors, Defence attaches, diplomatic missions, consular posts and representative offices of international organization in Viet Nam

  • National defence industry corporations


Product and Technology Showcase/ High-Level Delegations/ Technical Presentations/ Business Networking



Nguyen Boi Ngoc (+84-904099281)


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